About mStorm

mStorm is dedicated to offer great solutions for testing e-mail filters, simulating phishing attacks and training employees. Some of the largest companies in the world are using mStorm’s technology and the expertise of our world class IT security team.

Our philosophy

  • IT security is complex.
  • It needs people like us to make it easy, so others can focus on their work.
  • IT systems and security need to be built by experts.
  • Simpler, easier and clearer is better.
  • We believe in great service
  • Customers should not piece together a solution, that’s our job.
  • They should get full guidance from us throughout the project, at every step.
  • The customer can expect, that we have an answer to his questions, a template to any required document and a blueprint to the solution of his problem: We are prepared!
  • Great service needs good communication.

Who is behind mStorm?

Meet the management team of mStorm:

Michele OrrĂ¹

Michele is a security consultant with over nine years of experience in penetration testing, source code auditing, phishing, and devops.

His experience in the field includes:

  • Co-author of The Browser Hacker’s Handbook
  • Lead core developer of the Browser Exploitation Framework Project (BeEF) and Muraena.
  • Speaker at KiwiCon, RuxCon, ZeroNights, 44Con, Hacktivity, CONFidence, DeepSec, InsomniHack, OWASP AppSec and other security conferences.
  • Co-organizer of WarCon

Claus Overbeck

Claus Overbeck is an IT-security expert with 15 years of experience. As a former founder and CEO of RedTeam Pentesting GmbH he worked as a penetration tester but also gathered practical experience in managing complex projects. Since several years he also worked as a software architect and full stack developer.

Markus Vervier

Markus Vervier is Head of Research and CEO at X41 D-Sec GmbH. Software security is his main focus of work. During the last 15 years of professional experience in offensive IT security he worked as a penetration tester and security consultant and was doing active security research.

His experience in the field includes:

  • Extensive experience in the field of code-review, reverse engineering, and vulnerability analysis of applications on various platforms and architectures.
  • Reverse engineering and security analysis of embedded firmware for mobile devices (Android device baseband firmware).
  • Discovery of the first vulnerabilities in the Signal Private Messenger.
  • Speaker at Infiltrate, HITBSECCONF and Troopers security conferences about offensive security topics such as baseband reverse engineering and application security.
  • Memory corruption vulnerability in libOTR.

Our Partners

X41 D-Sec

X41 D-Sec is a renowned expert provider for dedicated high quality security research, application security services, penetration tests, and full red teaming. Having extensive industry experience and expertise in the field of IT security, a highly effective security team of world class security experts enables X41 to perform premium security services.

Fields of expertise in the area of application security are code reviews, binary reverse engineering, and vulnerability discovery. Custom research and high quality IT security services are core competencies of X41.


Abovo-IT builds high-quality custom software solutions and IT-systems. When security, scalability and stability count, Abovo-IT is the right partner. Abovo-IT offers consulting, software development, hosting and maintenance for complex digital projects.