Awareness Measurement (AM)

mStorm-AM tests your employees. We have created an infrastructure for sending even millions of e-mails to your team. These tests give you a good insight in which types of attacks are most dangerous for your company and in which departments training is needed most. Detailed analytics show opening and click-rates and many other KPIs.
Raise Awareness with Phishing Campaings
Awareness Measurement
mStorm-AM tests your employees’ resilience against phishing and other client-side attacks, giving you detailed analytics about which area of your organization has the highest awareness, together with other KPIs.
How Fit is your Team?
How Fit is your Team?

mStorm-AM tests your employees: Do they fall for even obvious attacks? Which department needs training most?

Raise Awareness
Raise Awareness

Running tests in regular intervals ensures that everyone stays alert and knows how to handle threads correctly.

Linked to Phishing Tests
Linked to Phishing Tests

Linking mStorm-AM and mStorm-AT ensures, that users that were tricked by a phishing mail during the test, are directed immediately to the training.

E-Mail Attack Simulation

mStorm-AM has a database of hundreds of different e-mail pretext templates, categorized by company position, segment and language, that can simulate a large part of the real attacks that your organization could fell victim of. From fake invoice e-mails, spoofing the internal financial team, to job offering positions with malicious Office documents from an external source - most use-cases can be simulated.

The e-mail pretexts can be pure text, like the CEO/CFO spoofing e-mails asking to wire money to external accounts, or more complex HTML with embedded images. The payload used for the simulation can be of any type: links pointing to droppers, straight attachment in the e-mail, links to reverse proxy setups for credentials harvesting, fake social profiles, etc..

Testing in regular intervals

Running mStorm-AM monthly or every trimester, you would have a better knowledge of areas of your organization which clicked the most, opened the attachment, or executed the Office macro. These tests are never meant to be a tool to point the finger or blame employees, but rather to anonymously understand which critical areas of the organization need more training and care. Identify the weak points of your organization, rase awareness against current threats, it is part of a correct security hygene.

mStorm-AT training

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